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“Property in Kokan” is a highly reputed company in the field of property purchasing, transaction and overseeing the complete process of the purchase. It acts as a perfect medium for clearing title property in an efficient way while performing the incalculable and precarious transactions and purchasing of different properties.



“Property in Kokan” has completed six successful years in the field. The company’s consistent delivery and output has attracted positive feedback with an impressive roster of eminent clientele satisfaction through its hard work and professionalism. For them, customer satisfaction is the primary goal.



The company primarily handles clearing the title of any property.

In recent times, purchasing properties is a mammoth task. However with “Property in Kokan” at your service, the clients are able to venture into any new property and asset procurement without any hindrances.

They act to clear title in all of their property purchasing and handle the complete transaction from start to finish.

Their hassle free and competent service has earned them a success and a good will in the market.



  1. N.A. Plotting project in 29 Acres
  2. N.A. Plots starts from 3 Guntha.
  3. Attractive Compound
  4. Every plot has at least 5 fruits planted
  5. A 30 feet proper road runs alongside each plot
  6. 24 hours water connection
  7. Near every plot there is a proper light pole.
  8. The inside route through the plot is line with flora, fruit trees and nakshatra plants of different kinds
  9. There is a Lord Ganesha Temple which is being built within the precinct of the plot. This temple is will have 5 feet tall idol of Lord Ganesha.